In Search Of…The Abominable Snowman

“From the beginning of his time on earth, man has always been fascinated by monsters. Real or imagined…”

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Once again I’m here to gladly give you the run-down on another fascinating episode of In Search Of… this time all about the Abominable Snowman, also known as the Yeti.

This one again does not disappoint for 3 reasons:

1) The great music that In Search Of… is known for. Always spooky and sets the tone of the episode beautifully!
2) The research that went into this one is sound on the lore of the Yeti! Heck, you might learn something you didn’t know about this classic cryptid!
3) The fantastic photography on this particular episode is captivating.

Many of the shots used in the show here are taken from a documentary about the well-known Yeti/Bigfoot researcher Peter Byrne and many scenes and voice-over are borrowed liberally from the documentary ManBeast! Myth or Monster. Check it out on YouTube also!


As mentioned above, this episode follows renowned Yeti/Bigfoot guru Peter Byrne as he searches high (The Himalayas! Get it, high?) and low for the fabled creature. His dedication to the search for the truth about the subject is inspiring. We follow Byrne as he goes searching for clues about the elusive creature. We get a little back story about his career and the fact that he was one of the first to take a hard look into the subject of the Abominable Snowman! Byrne was one of the lead researchers on the legendary Tom Slick expedition to the Himalayas in search of evidence of the Yeti in 1959 and has been searching ever since. On top of that, we hear from many climbers, scientists, and mountain experts that were present when the first photos of giant footprints were first discovered on Everest in 1953. To get their take on their encounters is fascinating to say the least. These accounts are eerie and captivating!


I’m almost sure this was the episode that sparked my 9-year-old brain with the love for everything Bigfoot! One particular scene that still sends shivers is toward the end of the show when mountaineer Don Whillans recounts his experience one night in the Himalayas when…well…I’ll let you watch the episode and discover it for yourself!

Oh, did I mention Leonard Nimoy hosts In Search Of…? No need to mention he’s awesome! Happy Squatching everybody!

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