Hart To Hart Season 3 now available on Shout Factory DVD!

Image courtesy of Shout! Factory.
Image courtesy of Shout! Factory.

“This is Mrs H. She’s GORGEOUS.” – Max

Robert Wagner and Stephanie Powers play a rich, jet-setting couple who moonlight as detectives in the 80s TV series, Hart To Hart. They are like the Nick and Nora of the Reagan era. With Jonathan Hart as a self made millionaire, he and Jennifer can afford to go around solving crimes with their valet Max. And of course, they always win with barely a scratch and great hair.

I wasn’t an avid viewer of the series as a kid, although the above quote from Max will forever be etched into my 80s memory chip. The show also boasts a big TV, movie and literary pedigree from a creative team including Aaron Spelling, Sydney Sheldon and Tom Mankiewicz. The show lasted five seasons, then later as a series of MOW’s. Shout Factory brings you Season 3 and I popped in a few episodes and – no surprise – they look and sound great. Even watching these standard def DVDs through my Blu-ray player on an HDTV, they are really crisp. Another impressive transfer from Shout

One episode I enjoyed was “Hartland Express,” which all takes place on a train trip from Chicago to Los Angeles and the Harts get mixed up in a mob hit. Notable guest stars included Bernie Kopell, Ron Glass, David Doyle and Florence Henderson. That particular episode makes great use of cheating shots of The Harts in Chicago by mixing iconic Chicago images with close-ups of Wagner and Powers in winter coats having a fan blown on their face to imitate the Windy City. Also fun was a shot of Chicago’s Union Station, then moving to the interior which was clearly Los Angeles’s Union Station. I would tell you that’s how they did things back in those days, but they still use the same old gags today.

Fun, TV geek side note – the show’s groovy theme song was written by Mark Snow, who would later create one of the most iconic theme songs in TV history – “The X-Files Theme”!

Since ‘tis the season, this season 3 DVD set of Hart to Hart, makes a great gift for yourself or the Lionel Stander fan in your life.

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