A Young Adorable Corey Feldman for McDonald’s Gift Certificates


Christmas time usually meant a book of McDonald’s Gift Certificates when I was a kid. It was thrill to pull a book of them out of my stocking. It would instantly send me into fast food fantasies. Large orders of fries that I did not need to share with my sisters, TWO milkshakes and of course multiple apple pies were now within my grasp.

I enjoyed our family trips to McDonald’s so I am not sure they needed to push too hard to sell gift certificates to me or my family, but that didn’t stop them. In the 1970s a very young (and super adorable) Corey Feldman was hired to do a Christmas commercial for McDonald’s Gift Certificates.

Does Santa prefer them to his normal milk and cookies? Naturally! Because after delivering presents to all the good boys and girls, Santa like to grab a booth at the Golden Arches, have a cold Coca-Cola and a Big Mac and just relax. He call it his “me time”.

And just like the rest of us, nothing makes him jollier than when those treats are FREE.



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