Did You Hear? General Mills Is Bringing Back “French Toast Crunch”!

Image courtesy of General Mills.
Image courtesy of General Mills.

It’s been 8 years since we in the United States have been able to walk into our favorite grocery store and pick up a box of yummy French Toast Crunch. Thanks to not only a Facebook page but an online petition, not to mention the amount of phone calls and e-mails from hungry fans, General Mills is ready to re-release French Toast Crunch in America.

[Via] George VHS

My introduction to French Toast Crunch came about thanks to my late Grandfather, he was always a total health food nut but apparently he had a weakness for French Toast, and one weekend while spending the night I came down to the breakfast table to find him happily munching away on some French Toast Crunch cereal. He was kind enough to let me pour some for myself and it kind of became one of our weekend things. Good memories and all thanks to a tasty breakfast cereal!

It is being released at select retailers this month and is expected to be nationwide by January 2015. For more information make sure to visit Taste of General Mills.


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