Saturday Frights: The Evil Touch – “The Lake” (1973)

Welcome to a new episode of Saturday Frights, dear viewers. For this particular broadcast I have chosen an episodic anthology series I located deep in the archives of the Retroist Vault, an Australian series that was known as The Evil Touch. Though the series only lasted for 26 episodes it did boast a most remarkable pool of talent for its time with the likes of Vic Morrow, Darren McGavin, Ray Walston, Kim Hunter and Leslie Nielsen to name a mere few.

In The Lake we are introduced to Arthur Randall, played by Empire of the Ants’ Robert Lansing, and he is a business man that has found himself trapped in a failing marriage. He has fallen in love with his secretary but his Wife refuses to grant him a divorce so in an attempt to ‘work things out’ the two retreat to their cabin at the lake. It is upon that lake where Arthur allows himself to know…the evil touch…knocking his Wife overboard where she flounders momentarily before sinking beneath the waves. Arthur does move the boat towards her before she sinks under but only to pry her wedding ring from her hand. Heh, heh.

So will his Wife’s spirit find a way to reclaim not only the stolen ring but delicious vengeance from beyond her watery grave? You will just have to watch this broadcast and find our for yourself.

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The Projectionist

Lurking in the bowels of the Retroist Vault, the Projectionist comforts himself with the dreams of celluloid glory of days gone by. With his assistant, Daniel XIII, in the quiet time of the night he serves as host in what has been dubbed the Haunted Drive-In. Bringing films to the entertainment starved masses the Haunted Drive-In projector roars to life and shines brightly once again...

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