The Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport Commercial (1980)

Imperial Troop Transport
Of the many Christmas mornings that have passed some of the most memorable involved the Star Wars toys I was fortunate to get in my youth. One of my most favorite of the Kenner line was the Imperial Troop Transport. Like so many things back then I had no idea that such a thing existed until I tore off that wrapping paper to see the toy beneath. It was well loved and used a lot, surviving the adventures of Luke Skywalker and his friends up until it was used by my G.I. Joe figures.

Sadly it met it’s end though when I accidentally left it sitting out in the hallway of our house one night and as my Father was getting ready to go to work he stepped on it…with his work boots…which crushed it.

Still, I have very fond memories of the toy and thanks to The Museum of Classic Chicago Television we can enjoy the original commercial that was originally broadcast on February 7th, 1980.


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5 thoughts on “The Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport Commercial (1980)

  1. bigox737 says:

    This was an awesome toy. The electronic sounds were a lot of fun and it could hold a lot of figures and stuff, especially with that compartment in the back. I remember playing with this toy A LOT.

  2. Wizard of Odyssey says:

    I always wanted that toy. It appeared in a few other places, too, including the Marvel Comics of the time. See for a sample.

    The new Star Wars Rebels TV show has lots and lots of toy references. They make the TIE fighters with shorter wings so they better resemble the toys, and they have a troop transport in an action scene as well.

  3. vinvectrex says:

    One of my all-time favorite toys. BUT, I had the much cheaper Sears version – same shell, but no electronics and no sounds.

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