Reach Out and Touch Someone with AT&T


In the 1980s AT&T played on the heartstrings of consumers with their “Reach Out and Touch Someone” ad campaign. In a series of sometimes tear-inducing commercials, someone would use an AT&T phone to connect with someone they loved, emotions would be triggered and feelings would be…felt.

At the time these commercials were running (mid/late 1980s), I was nowhere near being a decision maker for phone service, but if I were, the “Reach Out and Touch Someone” jingle probably would have made my decision for me.

Here is one of the famous commercials. It shows a kid away at college who is homesick and thanks to the crystal clear service provided by AT&T he is able to hear EVERYTHING going on in his family’s kitchen.

Just let Dad have his snack! It has been two hours.


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