Is That Pink Bunny DURAble or ENERGIZEd?

Is That Pink Bunny DURAble or ENERGIZEd?

These days when you think of toy bunnies & batteries you automatically think of Energizer, but did you know that Duracell did it first?


Back in the 1970s Duracell created commercials showing a bunch of pink toy bunnies with little drums, they would all slow to a halt except one, showing how Duracell alkaline batteries were better than zinc-carbon batteries. These commercials were mostly only shown overseas in Europe and Australia.

Over a decade later we got the first commercial with the Energizer bunny. These days we think of just the one toy bunny in a commercial and usually with the “still going…” tagline, but I do vaguely remember the early commercials where the Energize bunny appeared with a bunch of cheaper looking bunnies, commenting on how the only reason the one remaining bunny won was because Energizer wasn’t invited to the party. This is a direct reference to the Duracell commercials.

What’s interesting is that even though Duracell came out with the entire concept and pink bunny more than a decade before Energizer, Duracell can’t legally use such commercials in the U.S. because Energizer got a copyright here (though Duracell has the copyright over in Europe).

For a trip down memory lane, here’s the original Energizer bunny commercial:

Now for comparison, here’s one of the Duracell commercials it was referencing:


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  1. And yet, as many people think the “Energizer Bunny” is actually an ad for Duracell

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