Collect all 4 Fast Mac Toys from McDonald’s


I had the Ronald McDonald Fast Mac in our family’s junk drawer for years. It was in rough shape, but every once in a while I would pull it out and give it a pull to see if it worked. Then one day in the 1990s, I looked in there for some rubber bands and noticed the wheels had popped off Ronald. So with a heavy heart I tossed him in the trash.

I had not thought about him till last week when I saw someone selling Fast Mac cars still in package at a Flea Market. They wanted too much for them, but I went online and found them for a much more reasonable price and I pulled the trigger and bought them. They should be here in 3-5 days and when they do I will need to decide if I will take them out and play with them. Right now I say no, but once they are in my hand, I think they will be hard to resist.

Here is an ad for these classic premiums from 1986.


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