Meet CHAN, the new entertainment robot from SEGA!


Here comes SEGA CHAN – the fantastic, futuristic robot that’s sure to be a hit at arcades, shopping malls and other family locations.

Yes, you’re not seeing things, SEGA really did produce this print advert for a highly functional, walking, talking, 5ft robot. I’ve scoured the internet and can find little more about this marvel, other than what you can read above, but it sure does sound like Chan would have been great. It was able to shake hands, play recorded messages on a built-in video screen, serve food and drinks, distribute literature and more!

A special voice recognition programming device allowed the robot to answer specific questions, while touch sensors and danger prevention sensors make him completely safe to operate. By using interchangeable attachments, SEGA CHAN could perform even more tasks and be adapted to so many functions that only your imagination limited his many uses!

I don’t believe SEGA CHAN made it to a proper production run but the blurb does state that it had “…shown in tests to be an extraordinary and functional promotional centerpiece…” which suggests that Sega did produce something!

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