His name is Spuds MacKenzie…


Spuds MacKenzie made his first appearance in a Super Bowl ad way back in 1987 and for a couple of years he was top dog among fictional advertisement pitch-animals. I being a faithful TV watcher was not immune to the charms of this adorable Bull Terrier. In fact, I had a gold framed poster of Spuds that I won at my town’s local carnival hanging on the wall next to my closet.

What exactly was the appeal of Spuds? I would guess two things, the first being, he was adorable (or should I say she, since Spuds was “played” by a female dog named, Honey Tree Evil Eye). Secondly, the idea that a dog would be the center of all party culture is too precious to not enjoy on some level. This is probably why, even decades after these commercial went off the air, Spuds is still so fondly remembered and referenced.

This is a typical Spuds’ commercial. The dog sits there looking cool and everyone oohs and aahs. Then Robin Leach of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous fame pipes in and talks about how amazing this party animal is…


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