The 1979 Pilot Episode For The Star Wars Inspired “Starstruck” Has Been Found!

Debuting on June 9, 1979 the TV Pilot for the series entitled “Starstruck” aired only once on CBS. A Sci-Fi comedy focusing on the McCallister family and the Hotel/Restaurant they run in space. The humor coming from the robotic staff as well as the clientele that the family come in contact with. The shows creators seem to have been inspired by the cantina scene from the original Star Wars.

This was considered to be a lost pilot but thankfully Chuck Cirino who happened to be an effects technician on the show saved his copy on a VHS tape and has uploaded it on his YouTube channel.

Considering that the teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuted yesterday it certainly seemed time to share this bit of previously lost TV history!

[Via] Chuck Cirino


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