Look Into The Scary Past Of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons

All images courtesy of Vintage Everyday.
All images courtesy of Vintage Everyday.

As you can see from that first image which was taken in 1931…the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons didn’t look too friendly, this was of a dragon though it looks like a cat to me. The way the parade attendees are swarming the balloon it looks like it is fighting for it’s life.

Thanks to the Vintage Everyday site that uploaded these photos you can take a look at much scarier and to be fair awesome images of the famous parade throughout the years.

How about a 1940 parade balloon that looked like the late great Eddie Cantor?
Eddie Cantor - Macy's - Everyday Vintage

[Via] Your Eddie Cantor Channel

To be honest this 1945 pumpkin balloon is probably my favorite, I wouldn’t say it was scary except for the strange little character near the lower right corner.
Pumpkin - Macy's - Everyday Vintage

What is that? The Green Goblin of the future? Was it actually part of the parade and not just some supernatural imp caught on camera?!
Green Goblin - Macy's - Everyday Vintage


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