It’s Thanksgiving! What Better Time To Watch “Tom Turk And Daffy”?

Tom Turk and Daffy
There are many life lessons I learned every morning waiting for the school bus while watching hours upon hours of classic Looney Tunes cartoons. Probably the most important one of all is that when you find yourself in a sticky situation under no circumstances should you put your life in Daffy’s hands!
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Tom Turk and Daffy was originally released as a theatrical short back in 1944, it was directed by the legendary Chuck Jones but I have to say that it sure feels like there is a bit of Tex Avery in the mix. Mel Blanc naturally did the voice of not only Daffy Duck but Porky Pig and Billy Bletcher supplied his vocal talents for that of Tom Turk.


Billy Bletcher passed away in 1979 but had amassed a total of 453 acting credits. He got his start in silent films all the way back in 1914 but he also appeared in all manner of roles during his lifetime. Like the Three Stooges and Little Rascal shorts as well as Zorro’s Fighting Legion as the voice of theYacqi Indian God “Dom Del Oro” and he was the voice of not only Spike the Bulldog in the original Tom and Jerry shorts but provided the menacing voice of the Wolf in Walt Disney’s Three Little Pigs, just to name a few notable roles.

All of us here at the Retroist hope you and yours have a very safe and happy Holiday!


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