Stove Top Stuffing…for Pork??


Larry (Richard Kline) from Three’s Company certainly seemed surprised that Stove Top started making a stuffing geared towards pork in the late seventies. To tell you the truth, I am still sort of surprised by this. Growing up, we ate a fair amount of pork products and not once was it paired with Stove Top. It appears they still sell this variety, so I might need to remedy that, and see if it as good as this commercial makes it out to be.

I would just like to mention that growing up I was told to call Stuffing that was not stuffed into an animal and cooked, “dressing”. Since you cannot stuff a pork chop with stuffing (at least not in a traditional way). I have since learned that this seems to be a regional thing and that we should feel free to call it whatever we want.


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