Load up on your Acid Wash Denim at the Starboard Pant Factory in Vancouver


My hometown had a lot of “outlet stores”, where you could buy irregulars and remaindered products at discount prices. I worked for a couple of years in a mall that featured stores like this, and one of the most popular stores featured denim products. It was just down the aisle from the ice cream parlor that I was scooping at and all day I could hear their loud music and see their large-haired customers walking out with bags of chemically washed denim pants and jackets. It looked like a magical place.

Sadly this store never did any local ads, but I imagine if they did, it would have looked a lot like this magical commercial for the Starboard Pant Factory in Vancouver. I never fully understand acid wash clothing and I am surprised to see that it seems to be making a comeback. While this fashion might be out on the streets and back in stores, I don’t think we will ever see commercials like this again.


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