Luxuriate in your bath with Cleopatra Soap


Soap is an interesting thing to sell. You would think that the only thing you would need to know about it is how clean it will get you, but since that seems to be the one thing we assume about it, brands usually focus on completely different things. Some will focus on the secondary effects of the soap. Scent or moisturizers, things like that.

This commercial for Cleopatra soap, a soap I have never even see in stores where I have lived, tries to sell itself as a sumptuous soap only fit for the most regal and discriminating of consumers.

Something I have always wondered about with this sort of imagery about old timey kings and queens. Did they really take baths in such a public way? Did they have assistants to help them wash themselves? Was this needed because cleaning was more complicated back then? Bathing to me always seemed like a perfect one person operation. This is probably why I will never be pharaoh.


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