It’s Wonder Mother!


I’m finally getting around to archiving some of the treasures I managed to save when my parents sold the family home in Chicago this past April. As some of you know, the same week we had our estate sale and house closing, my brother died unexpectedly (read about that here).

That unfortunate event threw much of my Retroist blogging plans into a spin as I had planned on getting around to posting some of the groovier finds before they got either sold or tossed.

As I have found myself with a rare moment of free time, I thought I would upload this piece of interesting music. This comes from an Reprise record release called “Sunday Morning With The Comics”. As the liner notes read, this is a collection of classic radio show songs “authentically re-recorded”. You will find Little Orphan Annie, FBI In Peace And War and a few other known themes. They also managed to toss in a few originals like this gem, “Wonder Mother.” It’s pretty catchy.

Here is some info on the LP.

Patrick J. Doody

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