Saturday Frights: The Veil – “Girl On The Road” (1958)


Welcome back, Dear Viewers. Once more I have the honor to program your evening’s entertainment here at the Retroist Vault. Unlike the television broadcasts of Sage I will be presenting something worthy of your limited viewing time. The second episode from the 1958 anthology series hosted by Boris Karloff known as “The Veil”.

Boris Karloff - The Veil

The gimmick, heh, the premise of this television series was they were all based on true supernatural or unexplained events. It was produced by the Hal Roach Studios, the studio you might remember that brought us the comedy duo Laurel and Hardy and was responsible for the Our Gang series of comedic shorts. The Veil however was never actually aired on television as troubles arose in the Hal Roach Studios and it wasn’t considered to be profitable enough to sale the show into syndication.

At least it survived the ages so that you viewers may watch it on your portable television sets. In this very episode you will be introduced to John Prescott who is having a bit of problem when he stops to help a young woman named Lila Kirby, in need of assistance as her automobile has ceased functioning properly. When John drives Lila into town to get some assistance and a mixed drink a mystery present itself very quickly as when the bartender uses a pay phone the two can overhear him asking for a Morgan Deb which causes the Lila to panic and flee the bar. John finds out quickly that no one wants to talk abou Lila Kirby…but why?

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