Pac-Man Shrinky Dinks

Pac Man - Shrinky Dinks
I know it’s a little early in the morning…but it is always the right time when we are talking about baking up a batch of awesome Shrinky Dinks. Especially if they happen to be of our favorite Power Pellet munching icon, Pac-Man!

Images courtesy of Astronit's Flickr Page.
Images courtesy of Astronit’s Flickr Page.

Ghosts - Shrinky Dinks - Astronit

Ghost A - Shrinky Dinks - Astronit

Ghosts B - Shrinky Dinks - Astronit

Not that Shrinky Dinks were focused solely on 1970s and 1980s characters, they also made great gifts for your parents as this commercial from Vintage TV Commericals proves.

A big thanks to Astronit and his Flickr page for these awesome images of some of the Pac-Man Shrinky Dinks collection.


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