Craig Davison Has Captured Our Childhoods With These Star Wars Illustrations!

About a week back Sonja Nelson was kind enough to share some of these illustrations by Craig Davison of children using their vast imaginations to step into the roles and scenes from a little film about a “Galaxy Far, Far Away”. I am pretty sure that as you look a few of these illustrations over you will find a great big smile has magically made it’s way across your face, courtesy of not only a very talented artist but those many days of your youth where you realized the importance of a flashlight as a Jedi’s most trusted weapon, or how you took on the properties of the dreaded AT-AT Walker on the snowy wastes of the planet Hoth.

All images courtesy of Craig Davison.
All images courtesy of Craig Davison.

AT AT - Star Wars - Craig Davison

Speeder Bike - Star Wars - Craig Davison

Stormtrooper - Star Wars - Craig Davison


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