Superman Loves Lungs

Do you remember the scene in Superman: The Movie where Lois Lane is interviewing Superman and Supes gives Lois a quick lung cancer check? I love that scene, and I’ve often wondered if it helped influence anyone to stop them smoking. Having the Man of Steel confirm the smoking/cancer link must surely have given some people a reason to think about quitting.

Lois Lane Lungs

I recently discovered that in 1979 America’s Health Education Council used Superman to convey a similar message. “With my amazing X-Ray vision I can see the HARM cigarettes do inside people’s bodies. That’s why I don’t SMOKE!”. I couldn’t have said it better.

The same education council used Nick O’Teen as a bad guy with bad breath and stinky clothes who smokes so much he puffs and pants like a broken down steam engine!

Why Nick O'Teen is a Weed
Crush Evil!

I also found that the American Lung Association has Supes tackling asthma with their 1982 Super Stuff PSA:

You might think that Superman should be trusted in these matters, but this comic image sends a very different message:

Superman Loves Cigars!

Just remember folks, crush the evil Nick O’Teen, hijacker of health, foe of the fit, NEVER SAY YES TO A CIGARETTE!

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