A View To A Kill: The Extended Mix

A View To A Kill by Duran Duran

I’m a massive fan of all things James Bond, and this love of 007 definitely extends to the music and theme tunes of the numerous film offerings. Thanks to my 80’s childhood, when it came to Duran Duran taking on A View to a Kill, I was singing along in 1985 and my purchase of the 7″ single helped propel the song towards the top of the charts.

I learned recently that the band also produced a 12″ extended mix of the titular track, but it went unreleased thanks to bass player John Taylor. According to the MI6 HQ website, Taylor wanted to ‘keep a certain purity’ to the original and that was that, the track vanished for almost 30 years.

Until now. Here is the full 7:30 mix, courtesy of TheOWF on YouTube:


The song is obviously good enough to listen to it twice, so treat yourself to the original video too:

And I’ll finish with an interesting fact from Wikipedia; Shirley Bassey covered the song for an album of Bond theme songs, however, she wasn’t satisfied with the quality, so the album was withdrawn from sale. You can hear the track over on Youtube!

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