A Radical Retroist Junkbox Video From Our Pal Wilie


Hey fellow Retro Fans, your boy IseeRobots here again with the latest on The Retroist Junk Box, or rather with an awesome video from awhile back that I totally flaked on posting. I’m really sorry and want to impart my most sincere apologies to my pal Willie Over at the Colecovisions Podcast, available on The Throwback Network. Anyway, our boy Willie made a spot on super awesome video of all the awesome things that he found inside the box

It’s a really great vid and I totally dig the awesome Retroist Background that he’s using. Great job Willie! It’s all spoilers though so if you are on the list and expecting the box sometime soon be forewarned, you see everything contained inside its hallowed cardboard walls. If you aren’t on the list and just wanna have a little fun then by all means, enjoy the video. It’s a great time and when is thinking about the recent past ever a waste of time? Always? How dare you! What are you even doing here if that’s your attitude? It’s all we ever do, get with the program junior!

Got a few minutes to spare? Make sure to listen to The Toys R Us Report Podcast! It’s more fun than a barrel overflowing with monkey.. Not that a barrel of monkeys is any fun at all!


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