Did You Know That Underoos Are Back?

I know that Underoos were around in until 2013 when Fruit of the Loom cancelled production but they are back again and at Hot Topic retail stores because this time they are being marketed to adults…and to top it all off they have some incredibly awesome retro art for the packaging.

There are eight sets of Underoos currently available for purchase:


Images courtesy of Hot Topic.
Images courtesy of Hot Topic.

Batman - Underoos
Batgirl - Underoos
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman - Underoos
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn - Underoos
Captain America
Captain America - Underoos
HeMan - Underoos
Skeletor - Underoos

Now I would by lying if I said these don’t make me kind of happy, though I wish they would have gone with another option than Harley Quinn. You can pick up each one for less then $20 dollars online by following the link provided up top. There is no guarantee though that wearing these will make you feel anywhere near as powerful as you did when you were a kid.

[Via] Larry Weiss

A huge thanks to Rob Bricken of io9 for the heads up on the return of Underoos!


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