Saturday Frights: The Archivist (2014)

Welcome back friends to a new Saturday Frights! The Projectionist is busy trying to salvage the latest podcast due to a massive audio glitch so I’ve stepped in tonight to offer a new short film for your viewing pleasure. While ‘The Archivist‘ may not be truly retro it does have the greatest original Twilight Zone feel since they stopped airing back in 1964, not to mention we get glimpses of an absolutely stunning historic movie theater used in the short, which is the Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre in Toronto, Canada.

Images courtesy of the Archivist Facebook page.
Images courtesy of the Archivist Facebook page.

Directed as well as written by Jeremy Ball, the short film focuses on a young assistant projectionist who gains employment at an older movie palace…and is witness to odd disappearances of some of its patrons.

[Via] ViddyWellFilms

Friends, this is a beautiful short film and it was made to celebrate the centennial of the Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre. So please turn off the lights and gather around the screen, make sure you have your popcorn and drinks as we learn of the magic of The Archivist.
The Archivist Poster - Jeremy Ball


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