Christmas shopping in 1986? Try the Bangor Mall


With Christmas on the horizon, I have started thinking about what to get people. Nowadays that means compiling lists online and hitting up a few websites and then tracking the packages to make sure they get where I sent them. It is a big turnaround from just a few years ago when I would spend a lot of time going through the mall.

Parking could be a nightmare, people pushed and shoved and generally lacked the Christmas spirit and it was exhausting. So why is it that part of me still misses it all? I am thinking it might be the sense of accomplishment or maybe just the immersion in Xmas commercialism that I just don’t get through the web.

So now, to get my fix, I go online and look at retro commercials themed for the Christmas season. Sure I could just relive the mall experience and head out to my local one, but while I am nostalgic, I am not sadistic.


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