Chewing Gum in the 1980s always seemed very Exciting


Maybe the trend in gum advertising was always to show people doing exciting activities while chewing a piece of gum, but it seemed to really peak in the 1980s. The Juicy Fruit commercials were the gold standard in lifestyle-inspired adverts, but Extra came out of the game swinging with their peppy jingle and high energy campaign.

This one featuring people “Land Sailing” (a real thing that I had to look up to find the proper word), winning toys at a fair and white water canoeing, is my favorite.

The land sailing is the perfect activity to capture the imagination of a potential gum chewer. You hear the music and see these people in action and think, “What the heck are they doing?? Are those go-carts powered by the wind??? I got to get me some of that gum.”


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