Pixel Maps of the World?

Want to brighten up your walls and show those who visit that you enjoy retro-styled pixel art? Why not take a look at this Pixel Map ‘Colors of the World’ Print Set or the large-sized Pixel World Map.


View and travel the world through the eyes of pixels in the shades of muted rainbow… Which very colors do you belong? Where is your next destination of colored pixel-land? Come dream with us in the grand adventure and leave our footprints all through out the pixel world.

Our love and fascination with maps and pixels inspired us to create this Pixel Map, a modern world map made of lovely colorful pixels. Tofufu’s Pixel Map is created by pairing together beautiful colors, but not random colors. We picked the colors literally one pixel by one pixel so we could choose the coordinated color for every area. The colors are our depiction and interpretation of this amazing world we live in.


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