Tyco Transformers Electric Racing Set


I loved slot cars as a kid and really wanted the Tyco Transformers Electric Racing Set. It was one Tyco’s Nite Glow sets and featured two “transforming” race cars, Natron and Freezon. I never got the set but since you could use the cars with any other set and this was sold separately, I picked up the Decepticon Freezon when it was on clearance a few years later.

Its transformed state of “robot” wasn’t all that dramatic and it also slowed the car down enough that when I tried to use it on the wall climbing set I had he never made it up (and don’t even try to get him through a loop). Still it was kind of cool that the Transformers dipped a toe into the slot car world.

If you really want a cool Transformers toy set from Tyco, don’t put your money towards the racing set, instead pick up the Train Set.


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