Was it easy to make custom Shirts with Transfer Magic?


Despite what the woman in this commercial is saying, Transfer Magic was not easy. Well at least not for me. We had a Five and Dime that sold these and since I was obsessed with Iron-ons as a kid, I saved my money and bought some. I then spent days working on the perfect drawing with my crayons. It was Snoopy and Woodstock, I remember because I had to use up most of my white crayon to finish Snoopy. That was the first step in the process and the only one that turned out decently.

When I moved on to Step 2, only half the Snoopy transferred, and when I tried to reattach the Transfer Magic sheet to the drawing, it would not adhere and all my work was ruined. I enlisted the help of an adult for the next attempt and that turned out only marginally better. It was an amazing concept, but I think my family was just a little too craft-challenged to pull it off.

I was disappointed with Transfer Magic, but I still love this commercial.


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