I don’t know what the hell is in the air lately, but for some reason or another, ol’ Daniel XIII is getting’ a fistful of westerns to review; case in point today’s review, BRAZILIAN WESTERN.

BRAZILIAN WESTERN concerns the misadventures of João do Santo Cristo (Fabrício Boliveira) who makes his way to Brazil in the hopes of startin’ a better life…which of course heads further south than the location of this yarn! João becomes involved in drug trafficking (as well as landing in the arms of sweet sweet love), and soon finds himself at odds with rival drug-dealers, the police and a heapin’ helpin’ of yer good ol’ fashioned civil unrest. As you can imagine, these elements form a volatile mix for our hero.

While a more modern film than we usually cover here (the film was released in 2013), there are plenty of elements that plant it firmly in retro territory besides the story being set in the 1980’s. Director René Sampaio is obviously a huge fan of the Spaghetti Western’s that filled theaters in the late 60’s. The hero with a troubled past caught between various warring factions under a backdrop of social turbulence immediately brought to mind Corbucci’s DJANGO (1966), and the cinematography, stark open vistas, gritty locales and score were all highly reminiscent of Sergio Leone’s Man with No Name Trilogy. Sampio does add a great deal of his own unique visual style to the proceedings though; as the imagery presented is lush and beautifully filmed (the quality of Shout Factory’s transfer accentuates these qualities as well) and the film is graced with a lyrical quality (no doubt abetted by the fact the film is based on a popular song of the same name by Brazilian rock band Legião Urbana recorded in 1987…see retro relevance!) while displaying almost mythological overtones.

So there ya have it, if ya dig on some Italian Westerns, I think BRAZILIAN WESTERN will be right up your alley! Why not head here and pre-order a copy today?

Daniel XIII

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