The No Swear Gamer And The Retroist Junkbox

Retro Junk Box Vid - No Swear Gamer
This week the Retroist Junk Box Moved out of the loving arms of our Retro Pal’s (TRADEMARKED!) Andy and Vic and into the grip of our other buddy and world renowned You-Tuber, The No Swear Gamer who was nice and by nice I mean Awesome enough to record a video for his show about the life changing experience of opening the box. Let’s take a look…

Man, that was great. Let’s all give a big round of applause to The No Swear Gamer for putting that together! Kudos my friend, kudos…

The No Swear Gamer can be found on Youtube and on Twitter by clicking on his name above or on YouTube here!!!!! He’s a great guy and his family friendly game reviews are not to be missed.

So that’s it for this week in the life of The Retroist Junk Box. Wanna be down? Hit me up on Facebook and we’ll see what we can do, and by that I mean we can sign up no problem…

Make sure to check out my podcast The Toys R Us Report if you get a minute. You won’t be sorry for long, maybe 30 minutes at the most! Thanks guys, I appreciate the support.


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