Saturday Frights: Alfred Hitchcock Presents – “One More Mile To Go” (1957)

Welcome back, dear viewers. I have found some free time on my hands while the construction crews are busy fixing the little mishap we had in Auditorium 6 last week. I can assure you that Daniel XIII is quite well and in the best of spirits and sends you all his very best. Heh.

So for this week’s Saturday Frights television broadcast I present what is considered to be one of the very best episodes of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents series, it is called “One More Mile To Go”, starring David Wayne as Sam Jacoby. Sam is a man who has slain his wife (Louise Larabee) after a heated argument and a handy fireplace poker and who hides her remains in the trunk of the family automobile. As he is out searching for a place to dispose of the late Ms. Jacoby he is pulled over by a constable on a motorbike though he hasn’t been caught redhanded at least not yet, it is simply a matter of a burned out taillight. The constable is kind enough to send Mr. Jacoby to an all-night gas station to have it replaced, just a matter of a new bulb, right? Certainly not when it is an espiode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Heh, heh.

Please take note when watching how the director of this episode, Alfred Hitchcock, masterfully increases the tension. There will not be another like Old Hitch in our lifetime, dear viewers.

The Projectionist

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