Could You Wear These Transformers Ball Caps?

I love the Transformers line of toys from my youth so very much, in fact I can truthfully say it even overshadows my fondness for my collection of Star Wars toys. While once in a blue moon I’ll pick up a new SW droid for the toy room, I have a greater chance to bring home a new Transformer nowadays than anything else. I shy away from the Michael Bay movie toys but thankfully we have so many generations of Transformers toys to choose from that usually something will catch my eye.

All images courtesy of TFormers.Com
All images courtesy of TFormers.Com

You know…like a ball cap!

I don’t believe you can wear these Optimus Prime and Megatron transforming ball caps but if you are like me that wouldn’t stop you from trying.

Transformers Hats - Optimus Prime - TFormers.Com

Megatron Hat - TFormers.Com

Megatraon Transformers Hat - TFormers.Com

These look to be Japanese exclusives so don’t expect to see them at your local Wal-Mart. A big thanks to TFormers.Com for the heads on these toys, hop on over and check out the order link from Amazon.


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