HeroQuest For The NES?!

HeroQuest For The NES?!

In the early 90’s my group of friends and I found ourselves captivated by a board game that we picked up at our local Hasting’s, it was called HeroQuest, a fantasy themed tabletop RPG produced by Milton Bradley in partnership with Games Workshop.

HeroQuest Box Art

Now at this point my friends and I had already drunk the Kool-Aid that was Dungeons and Dragons so we were in comfortable waters with HeroQuest but at that time we hadn’t yet been introduced to the joy of the Warhammer universe, so we found it all a refreshing change.

While we would go back to our epic campaigns in the world of Dungeons and Dragons after a few months of HeroQuest I still have fond memories of it and am happy to say I still own the game today. Which brings me to the video below because just a few days ago while working at the Arkadia Retrocade one of my good friends happened to bring up his own memories of the board game and asked if I had ever seen the NES version. I can truthfully say that I never even knew there was such a thing and to be fair it only made it to the prototype stage. Luckily for us though my friend was kind enough to share this review from Gamester81’s YouTube channel.

Maybe it’s time to pull out my HeroQuest and see if any of my friends at the arcade want to delve deep into those dungeons in search of loot and glory?


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  1. Loved the game. I still have mine as well. I was disappointed the kickstarter for HeroQuest remake was closed down. I think the closest thing you’ll get to HeroQuest today is Descent: Journeys in The Dark Second Edition.

    I loved the game because the rules were easy to follow and I didn’t have to explain a ton of rules to new friends that just wanted to get in and start finding loot.

    Great post, brought back good times.

  2. I used to run this for part of my D&D group when the whole gang couldn’t assemble. They got into it and were actually role playing, it was a ton of fun!

  3. Thanks, Alarie! To be honest I didn’t even know about the Kickstarter…which made me feel pretty bad. :(

    Dex1138, I’ve been kicking around the idea of getting a game going at the arcade. I’ll take photos of the event if it pans out. :D

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