This Wurlitzer 105 Band Organ Is A Thing Of Beauty!

Wurlitzer 105
A couple of weeks ago at my job I was lucky enough to make the acquaintance of a Mr. Quashnock and his Wife as they were checking in for the night. I just so happened to be looking at a video of a mechanical claw game from the early 1900’s and Mr. Quashnock asked if I had ever seen a Wurlitzer 105 Band Organ. I had not but I really do love early mechanical entertainment devices and he had a video of one that he restored to all of it’s original glory. I was blown away to say the least and thankfully Mr. Quashnock was kind enough to allow me to share the video below on the site!

[Via] JJ Quash

It turns out that Mr. Quashnock was in town to look for some other devices like the Wurlitzer 105, during our talk it turned to film collecting and he informed me that he also has a 16mm collection. Two weeks later he sent me one of his film reels, a collection of westerns like Tom Mix. I do not have a 16mm projector at this time but I am now on the lookout for one at our local flea markets.


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