Classic Games Postmortem Presents X-COM:UFO Defense

Classic Games Postmortem Presents X-COM:UFO Defense

There were many games on the various consoles of our youth that captivated my group of friends, probably the very same titles that you and your friends enjoyed. There was one game though that absolutely hooked its claws into me alone and has refused to let go for 19 years now. X-Com: UFO Defense or if you are overseas you might know it as UFO: Enemy Unknown. Released in 1994 for Amiga and Amiga CD32 as well as DOS computers, it was the 1995 port to the Playstation where I was first introduced to the title.
XCom - UFO Defense
1000’s of hours were spent after work trying to safely get my squad of soldiers through missions alive and sane as they did their very best to rescue citizens of the world from the nefarious plans of the Ethereals and their minions.
I failed in that task. A lot. I mean lots and lots and lots. We had to construct a new continent just to house the cemetery for the fallen members of my X-Com units.

Even though this game was hard as can be, it tolerated no mistakes, I just kept coming back for more and more. Which is why I was so happy to find this video provided by GameStop of Julian Gollop, who led the development of the title for Mythos Games, discussing not only it’s history but the possible future of the series.

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