Watch the entire 1967 Spider-Man Animated Series Online


Have seven and a half hours to kill? Why not spend it with your favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. A kind citizen of the web has uploaded the entire series on the web for your viewing pleasure in one giant 7 hour chunk. So now you can spend that long flight enjoying the antics of ol’ webhead as he spins a web (any size) and catch thieves (just like flies). Remember, it not only makes for great entertainment, but you can amuse your internet pals by freeze framing and adding to the billions of web memes that have already been derived from this classic TV series.


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2 thoughts on “Watch the entire 1967 Spider-Man Animated Series Online

  1. Oh man this is the one I always remember. Not what really happens during the episode but hearing the song, imagining myself slinging webs and swinging through the city. Wishing I had a Spidey mask of my own to pull on. For some reason the image of him grabbing the iron beam stands out in my memory. He oddly stops mid air to show off but thats not swinging. At that point he’s flying like Superman except with a spider web in one hand.

  2. Fraze says:

    Just last month I bought the limited edition DVD set of this show for 35 bucks new and sealed! I LOVED this show as a kid…and its just like I remembered.

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