“Look At Them. Children of the Night. What Wonderful Toys They Make.”

ReAction Figures had already won me over thanks to providing me with a Rocketeer action figure after 23 years of longing. But now…they can do no wrong in my eyes as they’ve released Series One and Series Two of their Universal Monsters figures. Normally I’m in a grand funk the day after Halloween…because…I have to wait a whole year before my favorite Holiday comes back around. Yesterday though I visited my local Barnes and Noble to find they had set up a ReAction Figures stand and it was full of all manner of wonderful retro-styled action figures. I had to restrain myself from picking up the entire series but I did allow myself to leave the store with three of my favorite Universal Monsters.

The Wolf Man
The Wolf Man - ReAction Figures

The Invisible Man
The Invisible Man - ReAction Figures

The Creature From the Black Lagoon
Creature From The Black Lagoon - ReAction Figures

Of course I could not help myself from taking a moment when it got quiet at work to take photos of my Monster friends. As it is a full moon and Larry Talbot has received a summons to Castle Frankenstein, sadly though he lost his way in the forest before reaching the castle and his feral persona has taken over.
The Wolf Man on the prowl

Drawn for some reason…as if by a primal urge…the Creature From the Black Lagoon emerges from a watery grotto to make his way to the Castle of Victor Frankenstein.
The Creature Emerges

Unbeknownst to both of the Monsters, Dr. Jack Griffin has already reached the castle…
Castle Frankenstein
…wait a minute…let me change filters. There we go! Ahem. As I was saying, Dr. Jack Griffin has already reached the castle and subdued Dr. Frankenstein.
The Invisible Man appears

As usual though when the Universal Monsters get around each other it’s going to end up as one giant Monster brawl! The Wolf Man with a snarl leaps onto the Creature From the Black Lagoon who is momentarily surprised, whoever wins this round though will have to contend with Griffin and the knowledge he has purloined from the captured Dr. Frankenstein!
Universal Monsters Brawl


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