The Retroist Junkbox Ret-Con 2014!

Hey guys, It’s been awhile and That’s my fault. Blame me. Anyway, The Junkbox has been on the move for a minute but sadly due to some Command Center Craziness I fell behind on the posts.. Most of the pics I’ve recieved can be found over at the ISeeRobots Facebook Page and as much respect as I have for those that came before now we’re gonna take if from where we are at the moment and move forward like this is where round two begins! Call it the Retroist Junkbox Ret-Con…

So the box was in the hands of Andy Pickle a good buddy of our Good Buddy Vic Sage over at The Arkadia Retrocade. That’s awesome right A Retro Box in A Retro Cade? Here is Mr.Pickle with the all new box, the last one finally succumbed to the urge to turn to dust…
Andy Pickle - Arkadia Retrocade

Here’s What he saw upon busting the seam! All sorts of great stuff!
Retroist Junbox 1

This is what Andy and Vic took out of the box. Most of it is going to stay at Arkadia. You know, to add to the retro vibe!
Retroist Junkbox 2

So while over there at the arcade and to avoid usage of our already overtaxed postal system Andy decided to just hand to hand the box over to Vic. Let’s take a look at what Vic added…
Retroist Junkbox 6
Man, I love that Dr. Doom Doll! Over the years I’ve gathered that Vic has a love for Doctor Doom that almost rivals mine. ALMOST! I want this What is it though? Irregardless of it’s identity it is Doom and it should be mine.

This time around I’m trying to make more of an effort to keep the box’s contents on the down low. You know, to add to the surprise when you bust it open! That’s cool right? I do wanna share one more thing that they included though..
Retroist Junkbox D - Andy Pickle
5 passes to the Arkadia Retrocade. Worth their weight in gold… Thanks for tuning in and thanks for everyone and all their patience and to those that came before this. We speak your name…


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