Don’t backup your computers? Prepare to be eaten by this Nightmare Creature!

This guy is smiling and staring down at his printout without a clue. Little does he know that in the dense fog of his unbackedup computer room lurks a creature of nightmare. A half vampire/half Marvel Comics’ Skrull determined to eat his data and drink his blood.

I never used Ecosoft’s A(rchivist), but I respond to their fear based advertising like the sheep that I am. The image is great, but they have an equally interesting pitch on the ad (especially when manuals were actually useful). You buy the manual for A(rchivist) before buying the software and the cost of the manual comes out of the price of the software. I would have done this for a few games back in the eighties and nineties, when manuals were bulky enough to make for a couple of nights of bedtime reading.



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