Jamie and the Magic Torch

Jamie and the magic torch

One of my all time favourite animated theme tunes is the excellent Jamie and the Magic Torch. The show originally aired whilst I was only a baby, but thanks to repeats in the 80’s and the very catchy opening credits, I’ve very familiar with this rocky number:

Despite my love for the song, I’ve never before gone on the hunt for cover versions, until now. This Adem Hilmi mellow variant is simply superb, and a little bit scary!

Here’s the lyrics if you’d like to sing-along:

Jamie, Jamie,
Jamie and the Magic Torch.
Down the helter skelter, faster and faster
Towards Cuckoo Land.
Wordsworth, Wordsworth
Following hard behind.
Ready for adventure,
Always there to lend a paw …..or hand
Mr. Boo and all the others too,
The strangest people you’ve ever seen.
And the torch with its magical beam
If I hadn’t really been there
I’d think that I was dreaming
Jamie, Jamie
No two nights are the same.
And life is one long glorious game with Jamie.
Jamie and the Magic Torch

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