Are You Ready For Warpo’s Cthulhu Mask Contest?

If you are aiming at portraying a great evil this Halloween it would be hard to top by allowing yourself to transform your visage into a spawn of the all mighty Cthulhu! I know what you are thinking though, we all have such busy lives who has time in their schedule to go and visit your local Cthulhu cult and spend hours listening to the chanting or engage in the possible blood sacrifice?

Thankfully our friends at Warpo have solved your problems quicker than you can say “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”!

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

Warpo has teamed up with ActionFigurePics.Com so you have the chance to win a set of Kickstarter exclusive action figures from the Legends of Cthulhu line; The High Priest and Summoned Cthulhu!

From Warpo’s announcement on their website:
“1) Print out the mask.
2) Get creative! Wear the mask (or enlist your friends to wear masks) in a photo that shows us how you think Cthulhu celebrates Halloween.
3) Share the photo on Twitter and Facebook (#LegendsofCthulhu) and/or send it to
The most fun and Cthulhurific photo as chosen by us will win! Enter as many times as you like!

Event Dates
October 20th – November 3rd

Entry Deadline
The submission deadline is Monday, November 3rd, 2014. No entries will be accepted after this date. The winner will be announced on on Friday, November 7th.

Ready to submit your entry?

For email entries, send an email to Please use “Cthulhu’s Crazy Halloween? as your message subject line.”

Now hop over to Warpo and download your quality mask and get to taking those pictures today!


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