Lord Pumpkin Commands You to Watch These


Back in the 90s Malibu comics had the Ultraforce cartoon, their answer to Marvel’s X-men show. Ultraforce was a good show, with some interesting takes on the whole superheroes shtick, but was unfortunately short-lived. Marvel comics bought Malibu and pretty much threw away everything (including this cartoon series). This series had two episodes which were particularly suited for Halloween:

In the first of which (second in sequence, but first in this article) we have the villain Lord Pumpkin, a living jack-o-lantern with a scarecrow-like body, mystical powers, and a massive ego. We also have one of the heroes, an undead zombie named Ghoul, whose mind is surprisingly still intact and whose body can simply be put back together like clay whenever pieces come off. Lord Pumpkin tricks a wannabe rock star into controlling the minds of his audience in some kind of mystical ceremony.

In the second episode in this article (first in sequence) Lord Pumpkin is a drug dealer in the hometown of one of the heroes. These drugs grant awesome power, but come with a high cost and it is up to Prototype to put an end to Lord Pumpkin’s plans.


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