Freddy Krueger Was Orginally Going To Be Played…By David Warner?!

David Warner - Nightmare on Elm Street - Join You In The Sun
When Wes Craven was preparing to put on film his soon to be iconic supernatural serial killer in 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street it turns out that Robert Englund wasn’t the first actor chosen to stalk the Elm Street kids in their dreams. That honor originally went to the legendary David Warner of Time Bandits and Tron fame…
Time Bandits - Evil - David Warner
…of course when you’ve already played Evil I guess it’s not too difficult to imagine playing the likes of Freddy Krueger. Apparently a matter of timing with other commitments forced Warner to step down allowing the opportunity for Robert Englund to land the role.

I’m a big fan of David Warner and while there is a part of me that kind of wishes I could step into that Universe where he did portray the character…to be honest I think Englund was meant to play the part and I have a hard time imagining Warner’s portrayal of Krueger becoming such a gleefully one-liner spouting villain like in the Dream Warriors.
David Warner - Freddy Krueger - Join You In The Sun
A big thanks to Join You In The Sun for these awesome pics on Imgur of what David Warner’s make-up would have looked like!


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