Escape from New York the Board Game

Published by TSR in 1980, the Escape from New York the Board Game lets you take the role of the star of the Carpenter film, Snake Plissken. In it you need to fight your way out of the prison that was New York City (just like the movie!) This was amusing right after seeing the movie, you encounter characters from the film and must escape in a similar way to Snake. Sadly, after a half-dozen sessions playing the game felt repetitive. Still from time to time, especially after seeing the film, my friends and I would break this out and take it for a spin.

Nowadays people are selling the game for about $40+. Not worth it for the gameplay, but the art and nostalgia might make it worth your hard-earned cash.



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3 thoughts on “Escape from New York the Board Game

  1. Lance says:

    I remember that game. It was fun as a once in a while play. What was more fun (imo) was the Dawn of the Dead game. I loved the mall map and the store names. Radio Shanty and Nickel’s still make me smile.

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