The All Niter 1980s Party Album from Sessions


“Great party! Did you hire a DJ to do your music?”

“No, this is just the The All Nighter, the new eighties music party album from Sessions. It features all the hits from the 1980’s including Van Halen’s 1984, Ghostbusters, Caribbean Queen, What a Feeling and much much more!”

“Are you doing a commercial or something for this album?”

“No, why would you ask that?”

“It just seems like a weird way to answer my question. It felt a little too complete.”

“You asked me about the album. I was just trying to give you a useful answer.”

“It just sounded like a sale’s pitch.”

“Well it wasn’t”

“Well, sorry.”

“You should be, who invited you to this party anyway??”

“I am friend’s with Tom.”

“Who the heck is Tom??”

“Gotta go….”


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