Who wouldn’t want to play Hungry Hungry Koopas?

I was a big Hungry Hungry Hippos fan as a kid and yet I never owned my own copy of the game. Instead I would insist on playing it when visiting the houses of friend’s who owned it. Recently I was thinking of getting my own finally and I was surprised when I search online, that the only “branded” version of this game being sold is for Farmville. While I have no problems with Farmville, I was hoping to find something more in line with my sensibilities.

It did not take me long to find the exact version that I would want, this custom version by Kodykoala, “Hungry Hungry Koopas”. Brilliantly detailed, this piece was one of a kind and sadly has been sold.


Still if that sort of work impresses you, Kodykoala has an online store filled with other wonderful custom toy creations. Check out the Noid Mech Figure!


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