70’s TV Show GHOST BUSTERS Tracy the Gorilla Halloween Costume

70’s TV Show GHOST BUSTERS Tracy the Gorilla Halloween Costume


I really enjoyed watching THE GHOST BUSTERS on Saturday mornings in 1975-76. There were a number of reasons why I liked the show: the catchy title song, the goofy comedy and Tracy the Gorilla, who was “trained by Bob Burns”.

( image found at http://wyrdstuff.com )
( image found at http://wyrdstuff.com )

Had I known then that there existed a Tracy The Gorilla costume for Halloween, I’d like to think that my 8-year-old self would’ve chosen it over the other boxed costumes found on the store shelves that October of ’76. Before reading on and taking a look at the BEN COOPER company’s GHOST BUSTERS Tracy The Gorilla costume, why not reacquaint yourself with the TV show’s catchy opening title song first:






Now why does the Tracy mask look the way it does, and not how the actual character looks in the TV show, only the folks at BEN COOPER could say. It can be speculated that perhaps the mask was painted that way for safety reasons since an all black mask would not show up as well by car headlights if one were doing nighttime trick-or-treating. Whatever the reason, the Tracy The Gorilla costume is a perfect example of how the BEN COOPER company gave kids new and current offerings each year at Halloween time.

Not familiar with Filmation’s live action Saturday morning comedy series, THE GHOST BUSTERS? Have a look at a typical episode of this 1975 TV series, as found on Youtube:

(images of the BEN COOPER GHOST BUSTERS Tracy The Gorilla box, mask & costume used with permission from the private collection of RetroArt. All other uses prohibited without permission or acknowledgment of WWW.RETROIST.COM)


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